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    • My recommendation for Dr. Rainer

      The care I received from Dr. Rainer was top-notch! He took time to explain exactly what was going on throughout my procedure and in follow-up appointments. My recovery has gone well, in large part due to his abilities as a surgeon. He was pleasant and approachable during our consultations and after, which relieved a lot of my stress. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Rainer to anyone.


    • Ball joint replacement w/injury

      Dr.Ranier was professional,well-versed in patient relations, straight forward, intelligent,able to diagnose and mend problem areas. Congenial,caring,concerned,efficient!


    • Knee replacement

      I had my left knee replaced by Dr. Rainer in September Everything went well and I was walking without a walker or cane 12 days after surgery. I am going to have him replace my other knee as soon as possible..


    • Thank you Dr. William Rainer

      I am 73 years old and had my right hip replaced in 2019. I will not mention the surgeon’s name but will say I don’t believe it was done right from the get go. I kept going back with pain and he kept putting me in PT and that didn’t work. Finally after four years of pain, I made an appointment in Meeker to see a specialist up there. I was having issues with my shoulder and was seeing Dr Vance from Western Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in Community Hospital. His PA said they had a new surgeon who does hips as well as other things. I told him if he could get me in to him I would see what he thought. Within a few days time I had an appointment with Dr. Rainer and within a couple of weeks I was scheduled for surgery. He did an absolutely amazing job. Even from the first week I had less pain than before surgery. I am at 2 weeks out now and have no pain in the joint only some pain in the incision site where the tissue is healing still. It was the best decision I could have made. Dr Rainer is one of the best, kindest most compassionate Dr’s I have ever met. He was not only knowledgeable but didn’t put me through any unnecessary steps like replacing the ball and shaft in my leg when there wasn’t a need during the surgery. He is a great addition to the Grand Junction, Co. medical field. I am so glad I put my life and my trust in him. Thank you Dr. Rainer for giving me a chance for a pain free better quality of life. I so appreciate you.

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