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    • Hip Replacement with Dr. Rainer

      I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing experience I had having my hip replacement with Dr. Rainer. I'd never had surgery before and I was scared to death. After my initial consultation, Dr. Rainer and his staff put my mind at ease. I'm an avid hiker and kayaker and all my activities were put on hold due to constant hip pain - my movement and motion had become limited. I decided to have the surgery July of 2023, a couple of months prior to going to Italy in hopes that I could walk and enjoy my trip without pain. This prayer was answered. My husband and I walked an average of five miles a day for a month and I feel like I have my life back. I'm hiking miles, paddle boarding, and kayaking with no discomfort whatsoever. Dr. Ranier and his staff are awesome and I highly recommend him. Don't have hip replacement with anyone else.


    • Life changer

      Never having any surgery before,I resisted having my hip replaced despite constant pain. (I was 79 at the time) After much research I contacted Dr. Rainer who so impressed me with his knowledge and confident attitude that I decided to go ahead with the operation. He used the newer anterior approach with the latest techniques. The results,simply amazing! The operation went smoothly and the recovery was fast and without any significant discomfort. Dr. Rainer performed what I would consider a life changer. After two months of exercises I was walking a mile and getting around normally with much more energy than I had before. I'll repeat what others who had hip replacement have said to me,"I wish I would have done it sooner."


    • Knee Replacement Surgery

      My experience with Dr Rainer has been very satisfying from the Pre-Op, to the surgery, to the follow up. Dr Rainer shows a level of concern and professionalism not found very often. I highly recommend him for knee replacement surgery.


    • Hip Replacement

      I struggled for 2 years with leg pain and a bad limp. General practitioners made recommendations which didn't help.I also tried acupuncture without success. Dr. Rainer identified severe arthritis in the hip as the source of the issue. Surgery worked great, no more pain, no more limp. Great care through the whole process.


    • A great decision

      After thorough inquiries searching for an Orthopedic Surgeon on the Western Slope, it was without any doubt that I chose Dr. Rainer. With his kindness and knowledge, he spent the time i needed educating me why my pain was so intense and suggested his solution. After a hip replacement and with thorough instruction, I recovered at home. I daily completed the suggested exercise program at home and within four weeks I had no pain and was driving. Dr Rainer greeted me with a smile upon my follow-up appointment. He was a great choice for me.


    • Dr. Rainer Hip Replacement

      I had my hip replaced by Dr. Rainer. He did an amazing job. He took the time to really listen to me and any concernes that I had. I feel he cares about his patients and their outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Rainer and his entire staff.


    • Left Hip Replacement

      After years of dealing with extreme pain when going from sitting to standing, waiting for the pain to subside before I could walk, I was referred to Dr. Rainer to see what he could do for me. After x-rays and consultation we agreed replacement of the left hip with a ceramic and medical grade plastic hip would work for me. I was amazed that now with robotically assisted surgery only a four inch incision was necessary to completely replace my hip. My surgery started at 10:30AM and I was home the same day by 5:30PM. I was immediately able to get up and walk with very little pain, almost no pain. Within a few days I was pain free. Simple amazing, Thank God! If I only knew years earlier about how great my results would be, I wish I would have done it years earlier. Two months after surgery I was dancing at my daughter's wedding, pain free. The bonus was that after the surgery not only was I pain free in my left hip my strength and stamina increase, people made comment on how good I looked, and my mental outlook for my future life turned around for the better. Now I don't hesitate to get up and get going doing things. I would strongly recommend anybody needing their hip replaced to definitely have Doctor Rainer perform your surgery. His team of assistants are equally just as awesome, pre-surgery, during surgery, and post-surgery. The personal follow-up's I received as to how things were going for me was also a very pleasant surprise.


    • Patellar Knee Tendon Reattachment

      Less than 4 months ago my patellar tendon totally separated from my quadriceps muscles while I was normally walking down the stairs at home. Dr. Rainer was summoned by the E.R. Physician in Community Hospital once it was determined from the x-ray and my inability to lift up my lower leg that I had likely torn my patellar tendon. Within a short time of meeting Dr. Rainer during the initial exam in the E.R. I was impressed with his thoroughness in confirming the diagnosis and reassurance that surgery is typically performed once the swelling recedes in a week. Dr. Rainer was confident I would fully recover by following what is normally a lengthy rehab protocol for this type of surgery in order to resume my active lifestyle of mountain biking and playing pickleball. Dr. Rainer was very honest and straight-forward with me that the healing and rehab time could be 6 months and even a full year before I regain full strength in my upper leg quad muscles. After doing my own research and based upon a follow-up exam with Dr, Rainer, I had no question that his qualifications, experience and references were stellar.

      Fast forward to 3.5 months later, I am amazed at my recovery with nearly full flexibility restored and the ability to walk normally without any limp or discomfort and to start riding my bike again on the pavement. Yes, it was not easy being in a leg brace full time for the better part of two months to heal without flexing the knee but being able to put light pressure on the leg for walking with crutches and then with a cane. The follow-up calls and appointments with Dr. Rainer were greatly appreciated and served to keep my recovery on track by being patient and following the exercise protocol I was given to do from home before physical therapy was initiated. I was quite surprised by how little pain I experienced through all stages of the healing process and rehab. Without reservation, I highly recommend Dr, Rainer for first and foremost being highly skilled as a knee surgeon, but his genuine care and personal attention to communicating with you as the patient is exceptional and hard to find in the health care environment today. Also, kudos to Grand Valley Rehabilitation Services at Community Hospital (immediately attached to Western Orthopedics) as well for their outstanding team of physical therapists who work closely with the surgeons and PA’s at Western Ortho.


    • Dr Rainer is the Best surgeon

      Dr Rainer replaced my left knee in January 2023. Lots of pain but he called and reassured me to take the pain meds as described. That helped so much. Plus the fact that HE called me. How many doctors do that. Dr Rainer also replaced my right hip in April 2023. Much easier.


    • Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

      I have had a very positive experience with Dr. William Rainer and my recent Direct Anterior Hip Replacement surgery. I felt like I was in good hands the day of my surgery with all the assistance provided by doctors, assistants, nurses, and aides at Community Hospital. With my successful surgery completed in the late morning/early afternoon, I was able to head home in the late afternoon. I experienced very mild pain over the ensuing weeks during my recovery and I must say that now I am totally pain free. At my 12 week followup I kind of kidded Dr. Rainer by calling him the "Miracle Man" in that he "magically" made my hip pain disappear. I highly recommend Dr. Rainer, and although I hope I do not need his professional service ever again, if I did, I would do it all over again. I also want to thank PA Scott Stephen for his assistance and professionalism in my follow-up appointments.

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