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    • Total knee replacement

      I had a total knee replacement in December of 2022. It has now been 3 months post op. I am doing well. My range of motion is great. Dr. Rainer said of my range of motion, “ that is a home run. I couldn’t ask for anything better.” In addition to his surgical skills, he is very personable. Office visits are very informative. He explains everything very well and takes the time to answer any questions I have. I never feel rushed. I highly recommend him.


    • Hip replacement

      The original physician I saw missed diagnosed my condition. 3 months after the accident that broke my hip, it was finally diagnosed correctly. It was at this point Dr. Rainer got involved. Dr. Rainer explained everything so that I felt very comfortable in each step that came next. He has made the entire experience much easier. I would recommend Dr. Rainer to anyone needing hip or knee replacement.


    • Right Hip Surgery

      I am 69 years old and have had only one previous surgery. Dr. Rainer and his support staff were extremely professional as well as compassionate. The surgery went extremely well and I am very satisfied. Thank you for the positive experience. Rod Zang


    • Total Hip Replacement

      Dr.Rainer was amazing. From the start of planning for my hip replacement he walked me through every step, made sure I had proper after care, and fought for me when other doctors (cardiologist) were being difficult. I always felt he had my health and future happiness in mind through the whole process. He called and checked on me multiple times and made sure I had everything I needed to rehab. I've had a very smooth and non-stress experience and having my hip replaced has given me a new lease on life. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Dr. Rainer for my other hip when it comes time for that one to be replaced.


    • Excellent Knee Replacement Surgeon

      I feel so blessed to have chosen Dr. Rainer to do my knee replacement surgery. He uses the latest non-invasive technics which makes recovery time much quicker with less needed pain management. He is very personable and attentive with his patients, making it easy to discuss any issues or questions a patient might have. I highly recommend Dr. Rainer to anyone needing hip or knee replacement surgery.


    • Knee replacement

      Dr Rainer is straight forward and answers all your questions. He’s a top notch surgeon. Called me a few days after surgery to check on me. This was a first for me. 12 weeks after my first knee replacement I’m already scheduled to have the other knee replaced. Very happy with the results of my knee replacement.


    • Total Knee replacement

      Dr. Rainer completed my total knee replacement in 2022. I just turned 70. I felt very comfortable talking with him and learning about the surgery, and seeing the plastic knee models in his office.  It was like I was talking with a close friend. He put me at ease, and I developed complete trust in him. The surgery is starting to feel like a normal part of me now, and the pain is gone, and I am walking normal, and looking forward to climbing mountains again. Great job Doctor Rainer, and thank you. 


    • Excellent Surgeon!!!!

      I was referred to Dr. Rainer. It was the best blessing. I could’ve asked for Dr. Rainer is so personable very straightforward with you. Answers all your questions. Very attentive excellent surgeon. I had surgery December 12, 2022 and was already walking without the aid of a walker or cane by December 20. I would highly recommend Dr. Rainer for any of these type of surgeries. He keeps in touch with you to make sure you’re doing OK his office checks in. He’s just an absolutely wonderful doctor, thank you Dr. Rainer for making me feel better and able to get on with the things I enjoy.


    • My recommendation for Dr. Rainer

      The care I received from Dr. Rainer was top-notch! He took time to explain exactly what was going on throughout my procedure and in follow-up appointments. My recovery has gone well, in large part due to his abilities as a surgeon. He was pleasant and approachable during our consultations and after, which relieved a lot of my stress. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Rainer to anyone.


    • Ball joint replacement w/injury

      Dr.Ranier was professional,well-versed in patient relations, straight forward, intelligent,able to diagnose and mend problem areas. Congenial,caring,concerned,efficient!

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